It hurts like hell but I’m going to keep going! #nevergiveup!


Healthy and fit!

Being healthy and  fit requires a bit of sacrifice. I could have stayed in bed a couple hours longer but I decided to get a workout in instead. I’m asking you guys for support in anyways possible. Please subscribe to my youtube channel “my Flab to fit journey”. Share, comment and support!


Oh happy day!


Took a break yesterday and now I’m back at it! #never giving up!

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Thanks guys!



Good morning!

I’ve been up since 5:20! I had to start my day at the gym! As I said in resent posts I only have 30mins in the morning, I just make the most of it! It’s not easy but it’s going to be worth it in the long run!


No gym today!

I felt bad because I didn’t go to the gym today but when I got home and saw this. I felt better. Now if i hadn’t eating those dam sweets I’d be feeling great! Am I the only one who “stress eat”? God I hope not! Or maybe I do, lol. Its not the best way to deal with stress. Tomorrow is another day. I will do better!


More time to burn!

So today I had an hour and a half for the gym. Today is the longest time I’ve  had to devour some fat! So happy I went to the gym. I haven’t burned over a 1000 caloris in awhile!