My apologies 

Lately I’ve been so focused on my health that I don’t post as much anymore and I sincerely apologize for this. I’m also working on two upcoming shows for july! All very exciting stuff.

Thanks to all who follow me. Please stay tuned for more and remember never give up on your dreams!



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Thank u!



It’s been a long week! I haven’t seen the gym in about 8days. I got a pinched nerve in my back, wtf! I hate taking pills and seeing the Dr just for him to say take ibuprofen makes no sense to me lol. I’ll be back in the gym soon!

In other news my first single is complete and I cannot wait to share!


Watch “Early morning!” on YouTube

I know to some waking up at 5:15 to only do  30 minutes of exercise at the gym might not make any sense and that’s ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The important thing is that its Worth it to me!

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No gym today!

I felt bad because I didn’t go to the gym today but when I got home and saw this. I felt better. Now if i hadn’t eating those dam sweets I’d be feeling great! Am I the only one who “stress eat”? God I hope not! Or maybe I do, lol. Its not the best way to deal with stress. Tomorrow is another day. I will do better!


More time to burn!

So today I had an hour and a half for the gym. Today is the longest time I’ve  had to devour some fat! So happy I went to the gym. I haven’t burned over a 1000 caloris in awhile!