Feeling blessed 

Today I sang in a wonder, beautiful, show tonight! Just realize I didn’t post about it before hand. Hmmmm, I gotta get betta at this blogging thing. Forgive me!


My apologies 

Lately I’ve been so focused on my health that I don’t post as much anymore and I sincerely apologize for this. I’m also working on two upcoming shows for july! All very exciting stuff.

Thanks to all who follow me. Please stay tuned for more and remember never give up on your dreams!

It’s a journey!



It hurts like hell but I’m going to keep going! #nevergiveup!


@the gym yesterday!

After working out for 30mins, I realize I still need to take it easy. My back is t 100% yet. Hope i feel better soon! God give me strength!


Healthy and fit!

Being healthy and  fit requires a bit of sacrifice. I could have stayed in bed a couple hours longer but I decided to get a workout in instead. I’m asking you guys for support in anyways possible. Please subscribe to my youtube channel “my Flab to fit journey”. Share, comment and support!


Oh happy day!


Took a break yesterday and now I’m back at it! #never giving up!

Please support my youtube page by sharing your thoughts and advice on weightloss.

Thanks guys!