Family drama advice!

Be honest without being insulting.
Don’t pick sides.

Don’t assume you know everything.

There’s always something going on that you don’t know about.


Try to understand.

Don’t answer a question by asking a quesiton.

Hitting below the belt only makes things worst.

Accept responsibility if you’re at fault.

Understand that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes!

You fucked up before so don’t act like you’re perfect.

If it has nothing to do with you don’t put yourself in the middle of it.

Forgive and let go because tomorrow is promised to NO ONE!



Forgiveness is so important. Living with hate in your heart is so unhealthy and the truth is it only holds you back.We cant ask God for forgiveness and expect him to forgive us, when we cannot or won’t forgive the people that has done wrong to us. I have been hurt so many times, by so many people and it has been a challenge to forgive them all. Everything takes time and with time comes clarity, understanding, responsibility, acceptance and willingness to let go and let God. Although I know the importance of forgiveness, no one can tell me when or how to forgive and let go of whatever pain I feel. I have to get to that point, you/we have to get to that point and realize our lives are bigger that or worth more than what we are holding onto. We get to that point on our own.Then and only then we can truly let go.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. In order to be forgiven we need to forgive!

When you learn to forgive and let go, all your blocked, locked doors open up and YOU JUST FLY! Give no one power over you and your happiness.

Happy sunday!

May blessing rain upon you all!