It’s a journey!


Healthy and fit!

Being healthy and  fit requires a bit of sacrifice. I could have stayed in bed a couple hours longer but I decided to get a workout in instead. I’m asking you guys for support in anyways possible. Please subscribe to my youtube channel “my Flab to fit journey”. Share, comment and support!

Watch “Early morning!” on YouTube

I know to some waking up at 5:15 to only do  30 minutes of exercise at the gym might not make any sense and that’s ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The important thing is that its Worth it to me!

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Good morning!

I’ve been up since 5:20! I had to start my day at the gym! As I said in resent posts I only have 30mins in the morning, I just make the most of it! It’s not easy but it’s going to be worth it in the long run!


More time to burn!

So today I had an hour and a half for the gym. Today is the longest time I’ve  had to devour some fat! So happy I went to the gym. I haven’t burned over a 1000 caloris in awhile!


Todays thoughts!

I woke up this morning, thought of an excuse why I shouldn’t go to the gym and I went anyway. So what if I’m up at 5:15 and won’t see my bed till (probably)11pm. Every little bit counts! I can do this!


Sunday funday!

Today I’m in the studio again working on my single, It’s all so surreal! If God has blessed you with a gift you should share it with the world, don’t keep it to yourself!