Question of the day

If the last thing you’ve said about someone gets back to them, would you be sorry you said it?



Family drama advice!

Be honest without being insulting.
Don’t pick sides.

Don’t assume you know everything.

There’s always something going on that you don’t know about.


Try to understand.

Don’t answer a question by asking a quesiton.

Hitting below the belt only makes things worst.

Accept responsibility if you’re at fault.

Understand that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes!

You fucked up before so don’t act like you’re perfect.

If it has nothing to do with you don’t put yourself in the middle of it.

Forgive and let go because tomorrow is promised to NO ONE!



If you are in an abusive relationship find a way to get out.No matter the type of abuse. Its not right and its not good! Things only get worst, not better. If he hits you once he will do it again. Speaking from my own past, my own struggles. Sorry doesn’t make anything better if all you’re going to do is repeat it. My life may not be perfect but it’s better than it was 14years ago. It’s better because i took a stand and decided to fight for me! I fought by saying no more and got out! Now, everyones situation is different. I had no kids, wasn’t married and didn’t live with this person. If you are then you need to get serious help. Family, friends, the police! Someone! This is your life. You have the right to live it and be happy doing so. Don’t settle because you’re scared or think you can’t do better, there’s better out there.

Trust me. I know.