About me



I am the 4th child of 6 kids who grew up in a very small village called Saddiville off Maingot road in Princess town, Trinidad. I can’t believe after so many years, you can’t find it on the map. My love for music began when I was 5 or 6. I grew up listening to and enjoying music by Lionel Ritchie, Beres Hammon, Bob Marley, Whitney, Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and local artist like Marshal Montano, Singing Sandra, Calypso Rose, David Rudder, and many more.
Trinidad and Tobago is known for calypso music, soca music, and steel pans. When my mother found out how much I love R&B, she once told me that even though I love that style of music to make in “TNT” I must sing what Trinbagonias want to hear. So I did and it made me appreciate my country even more.
I remember my first time on stage singing “maxi taxi” a calypso written by my mother Lynette Daniel-Agard. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my life. Yet, there was something freeing and thrilling about the experience. I remember not looking at anyone and focusing on the sky. It wasn’t the same as singing in my parent veranda, no. It was absolutely mind blowing!

I was ten when my parents separated and my mother moved us to Laromaine, in south Trinidad near Sanfernando. There was so much at that time that I didn’t understand and I became very introverted. My best friends were my book and pen. I’d have one wherever I go. Spewing out all I felt in poems and songs. There was nothing more relieving and it gave me a better understand on how I felt.
I grew up feeling misunderstood because I wasn’t like the other girls who’s main goal was boys. I believed there was something greater that I had to do. I believed that the stage was my home, that music was my voice. My way to communicate, to express what I felt, to connect and tell people my story, to make them know that whatever they’re going through, it’s ok. That there was a way out and they were strong enough to survive it.

There wasn’t a calypso competition that I didn’t take part in and every time I did. I was determined to win. I wanted to be first and if I didn’t get first place I’d work even harder to get there. My guard was always up. Big or small competitions I’d give 150 percent, nothing less. I was in the first ever junior soca monarch in 2000 and although I didn’t win it was an amazing, eye opening experience. I wrote a song called “freedom” that help me to win numerous calypso competitions. My trophies/price winnings were proof that I was on my way to something great, at least to me.

In 2003 I had the pleasure of meeting Clinton hamlet who worked in a Malaysian entertainment company called John Chacko international. Because of my talent and personality I got the job to be the female singer of a band called “Solid Gold”. We played popular music, R&B, Reggae, rock and roll, Disco, traditional Chinese songs, Malay songs, Reggeaton, rap, jazz, blues and salsa.
After three and a half years the band broke up and I was blessed to be in another band called Retrospect and then a band called Upbeat. Every job I had I would travel to many cities in china and other countries in Asia learning and enjoying every experience.
My time in Asia has thought me that work hard work does pay off, to listen, enjoy life and most of all to appreciate life’s journey.
During my brief hiatus from the stage I’ve invested in myself by taking voice lessons to advance my knowledge and vocal ability.
Now I’m looking forward to recording my original songs and hitting the music with everything I’ve got.





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