Crazy day!

Today was a day like no other!

Theres an olds saying when it rains it pours! It really does. Lets just say my transportation was a hot mess today and I got to my destination almost an hour late. Did I mention that I hate being late? Oh yes, with a passion! Hate it! hate it! hate it! Now if that wasn’t already bad my phone decided to hit me a f**K U and died ! I mean really? So now I can’t even call to say I’m running late. Stupes….I have a Samsung note 4 thats “playing de ass”(f**king up) and an iPhone 5 that wants me to take a hammer to it.

Although my day wasn’t easy, I’m grateful! I made it home safe and sound and I got a nice warm hug from my hubby! I guess there is a rainbow after every storm 🙂


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