Good morning!

This morning was a tough morning. I didn’t want to go to church or get out of the house. I was going to let my husband go alone and I was going to stay home sewing, upset, in a bad mood pretending to be in a good one. My husband waited for me and while we were  walking to church i was telling myself the day you don’t want to go is the day you should make an effort to go. I’m happy he waited and I’m happy I went. The priest sermon touched me today when he said “it’s a mortal sin to want something to happen before it’s ment to happen”. I didn’t know that! I’ve been praying, hoping, asking God for something to happen for us. Something I really want and it’s just NOT HAPPENING. I sat in church thinking,let your will be done lord. Our priest also said, we become what we accept! There are things in life we already know and hearing it from someone else sometimes make much more sense that us saying it ourselves. I’m happy I went to church today.  there’s more that touched me but I couldn’t make note of all of it. I didn’t want to keep pulling my phone out makin notes . That’s just rude! 

I hope if your day started out bad that it gets better and you allow all of Gods good messages to reach you!



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